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Shaun Canon's "I Write Songs For Superheros" Project 

Shaun Canon releases the powerful and clever project Songs For Superhero’s Songs For Superhero’s was produced by  Nathan Hemple of Aetherplane Productions and is Canon’s second major project his first single was 2011’s YouTube million hit success, Live For Music

Songs For Superhero’s is Canon’s first new material since the release of his 2012 Jazz theme album The Big Band Theory  and is still a hot selling item. Songs For Superhero’s is a 7-track collection of songs that will be licensed for feature film, TV and animation. “This is the coolest project so far,” says Canon. "I’ve composed a lot of music in my life but I've learned I can take a music and turn it into a message.
“Even through this is a slight deviation from my other music that I have written, I wanted to show my fans and critic’s my composer side. The fans have always meant everything to me and over the years they’ve come to me and told me how through my music they’ve gotten through the worst of times and that hit me.  With this album, it’s the first time that when I listened back to the tracks, it became a cathartic experience for me.”
The new songs reflect the maturity and wisdom of an artist that has and will have listeners experiencing great music with a hope filled message.

Now Booking For 2016-2017 "We Are Music" Tour 

Since the tour was created to assist schools with their music and art programs, the “Live For Music” tour has raised over $300,000 for various schools.  will be donating a percentage of the proceeds back to the host school.

For this upcoming 2016 "We Are Music” tour we has added some exciting performers from American Idol and The Voice and other special guests to his touring group. Shaun will now be featuring music, choir and dance ensembles from multiple schools (both college and high school). Additionally Shaun will be incorporating local talent as opening acts for the show, highlighting the up and coming artist you may have at your school.
All original music will be performed, ranging from Big Band Swing to Orchestral pop and contemporary dance numbers. All sheet music, lead sheets, choral/band arrangements, etc. will be sent to your music department before the concert for review. Each band, choir, orchestra and dance ensemble learn one song to perform in his concert.

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